October 24, 2021

7 strokes to buy good furniture

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With the continuous development of residential decoration, personalization and environmental protection have become the two most concerned issues for consumers when purchasing furniture. In particular, the latter has been paid more and more attention because of its direct concern on health issues. How to reduce the formaldehyde concentration of indoor furniture in newly renovated houses, experts reminded that there are seven measures to reduce the formaldehyde concentration of indoor furniture.

The first measure: try to use low formaldehyde content and formaldehyde-free interior decoration and decoration materials, which is the fundamental way to reduce the formaldehyde content in indoor air.

The second measure: When purchasing furniture, choose products with less irritating odor, it is best to choose furniture that meets E1 standard. At the same time, pay attention to check whether the particleboard for furniture is completely sealed. If conditions permit, the newly purchased furniture can be left unused for a while.

The third measure: keep indoor air circulation. This is an effective way to remove indoor formaldehyde. You can use an effective air venting device, or open the window when the outdoor air is good, which is conducive to the emission and discharge of formaldehyde in the indoor furniture material.

The fourth measure: the renovated room should not be moved in immediately, but there should be a certain amount of time for the formaldehyde in the material to be emitted.

The fifth measure: reasonable control of the indoor temperature and relative humidity. Formaldehyde is a slow volatile substance that volatilizes more rapidly as the temperature increases.

Sixth trick: Put some flowers and plants indoors, such as spider plants, aloe vera, agave, tigertail orchids and other flowers will reduce the concentration of harmful gases in the room.

The seventh measure: If you feel that the indoor formaldehyde content is high, you can ask the indoor environmental testing experts to test, you can understand the degree of formaldehyde in the indoor air, in order to take appropriate control measures.

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