November 28, 2020

Analysis of alternative regeneration methods for plastics

Nowadays, plastic recycling and recycling are increasing. For example, orange juice bottles can be recycled to produce shampoo bottles. Milk bottles can be used to regenerate detergent bottles. Sports beverage bottles can be recycled and re-created. The shampoo bottles can be regenerated. Into a shampoo bottle, just as a sunscreen bottle can regenerate a household detergent bottle, a yogurt cup can regenerate a car bumper, a ketchup bottle can regenerate a T-shirt, a supermarket shopping bag can be regenerated into plastic paper wood to build a backyard, or a new Regenerate the plastic bag, which can be recycled and recycled to collect plastic products.
Currently only 11% of plastics can be recycled and re-manufactured, but 34% of the waste plastic is thrown into the dump. But there are such technologies that can reuse these waste plastics into electricity or other valuable energy sources.
One of these technologies is called Plastic Reducing Petroleum Technology, a technology that converts plastic into oil for use in other vehicles such as automobiles. In the United States, if all non-renewable plastics and mixed solid waste can be converted in this way, there will be enough oil to supply the oil for a year of 9 million cars.
Another technology, called engineered fuel technology, converts non-renewable plastic into solid fuel in other ways.
In addition to liquid fuels and solid fuels, non-recyclable plastics can also be converted into gaseous fuels. This technology is called gasification technology. Gas fuels are used for a wide range of purposes, from electricity to liquid fuels to raw materials in manufacturing plants.
Plastics to reduce oil, engineered fuel, and gasification, these three technologies can convert non-recyclable plastics into various forms of energy, including oil, natural gas, electricity, and liquid and solid fuels.

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