December 03, 2021

Blown film operation process

The operating process of the blown film is as follows:
First, production equipment
1, the electrical part
A. Before heating up, you must carefully check the components of the electric heating part such as: the main gate, heating coil, thermocouple, electric plug, power cord, etc., whether there is any damage, whether the motor control knob is at the lowest speed;
B. Check whether the electrical switches of each department are closed, and then close the power brakes in turn, the main control of the control cabinet and the electrical switches of each unit of the unit to check the heating coils of the heating sections of each part. Check if the meter is malfunctioning and check for leaks.
2, the mechanical part
A. Check that the main belt is tight;
B. Whether the various parts of the auxiliary machine are flexible;
C. Check if the cooling water at the tail is unblocked.
Second, the tool environment
A. Check the electrical control box and the equipment for obstacles that affect the start-up, and whether there are foreign objects in the hopper;
B. Inspection tools: scissors, ruler, micrometer, paraffin, copper (aluminum), gloves and other tools are complete;
C. Wear a work overall and wear a work cap.
Third, temperature adjustment
The temperature rise control millivoltmeters of each section are gradually increased (the initial temperature can be set to 60 ° C, 10 ° C every 10 minutes). The temperature change should be checked frequently during the heating process. Prevent the burnt material caused by excessive temperature rise, first raise the machine head, and then raise the tail. (Starting tail cooling water).
Fourth, boot
A. When the temperature rises to the normal start-up, the general requirement is 10 °C-20 °C higher than normal production, and the temperature is required to be 10-20 minutes before driving;
B. Start the motor at low speed, pay attention to observe the running condition of the machine. If there is no abnormal sound and condition, the machine head can evenly rotate and evenly rotate, mold the die with paraffin, extract the blank, pass the compressed air, and cool the open air ring;
C. Opening the spreader to the inflated film blank to the desired width of the article;
D. The temperature of each section is checked again, and the plasticization of the controlled temperature film should be converted to vary within the specified range. (In some cases, after obtaining the consent of the technician, change the temperature), the screw speed ratio requires strict implementation of the process instruction;
E. Adjust the thickness, the auxiliary machine traction speed, and the amount of air injected into the membrane tube to make the film meet the thickness and width required by the specified specifications;
F. In the production process, we will achieve “three diligences”. Diligently observe the temperature, diligently measure the thickness, and diversify the width. Find problems and adjust them in time.
Fifth, stop
A. Turn off the heating power supply, cool down (turn off the motor first) to cool down;
B. Close the hopper gate and cover the hopper;
C. Turn off the cooling water;
D. Stop the main unit, turn off the main power supply, and adjust the electric knob to zero.

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