October 25, 2020

Buy electric water heaters have doorways

Nowadays, water heaters have become an essential household appliance in people's daily life, especially electric water heaters are more and more popular among consumers. To this end, the Xinluo District Consumer Council reminds consumers that the following aspects should be noted when purchasing electric water heaters:

Pay attention to the safety when purchasing an electric water heater. If the manufacturer has 3c certification mark, whether there is grounding protection, anti-dry, anti-over temperature, anti-overpressure device, four general protection. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the aging phenomenon caused by the long-term use of the electric water heater and the potential safety hazards caused by the wear and tear.

When purchasing an electric water heater, pay attention to its energy saving. Electric water heaters are used frequently, so the more energy-efficient electric water heaters, the more money they save. The choice of energy-saving water heaters can be considered from the following points: First, select those products that meet the first and second energy efficiency labels. The first-class energy efficiency is the most energy-saving product, and the fifth-level energy efficiency is the worst energy-saving product. The second is to choose an electric water heater with rapid heating technology. For example, the electric water heater integrating speed heating and heat storage in the market can realize rapid heating and speed increase without preheating or reducing the number of preheating times, thereby avoiding heat loss in repeated heating, thereby reducing power consumption.

In addition, you should pay attention to the insulation effect when purchasing home appliances. Under normal circumstances, in the case of the same energy efficiency rating of the electric water heater, the thicker the insulation layer and the higher the density of the insulation material, the better the insulation effect. Nowadays, some electric water heaters on the market have adopted the insulation layer of cyclopentane. This material not only has better insulation effect, but also has more environmentally friendly materials. (Guo Nan Chen Hongling)

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Special Epoxy Stop Slurry Floor (no vibration stops)

Scope of adaptation:
Particularly suitable for water, oil and other ground, and all the non-slip requirements of the ground, such as access, corridors, staircases, underground parking ramps and so on.
Performance characteristics:
1, made of epoxy resin plus high quality Curing Agent;
2, rough surface effect, patterns can be large or small;
3, acid, alkali, salt and oil corrosion;
4, wear, pressure, impact resistance.
Service life:
Thickness of 1 ~ 5mm above, the service life of more than 5 years.
Construction Technology:
1, surface treatment;
2, brushing primer;
3, Scratch-resistant non-slip mortar, sand sprinkle;
4, brush wear-resisting finish varnish.
Technical index:



Drying time,h

Table dry




Tensile Strength


Bending strength


Compressive strength


Shore strength


Wear resistance(750g/500r,weightlessness,g)


Adhesive strength


30% resistant to sulfuric acid

30 days to allow a slight discoloration

25% resistant to sodium hydroxide

30 days without exception

30% resistant to salt water

30 days without exception



Special Epoxy Stop Slurry Floor

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