October 24, 2021

China successfully developed three deep sea drilling fluid additives

Abstract Recently, the reporter from the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and process Chinese Academy of Sciences learned that the energy branch of applied technology researcher Liu Zhihong long-term cooperation with China Oilfield Services Oilfield Chemistry Institute of R & D personnel, to jointly develop shale inhibitors, low molecular weight drill cuttings Coating agent and high efficiency...
Recently, the reporter learned from the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Process of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that Liu Zhihong, a researcher at the Institute of Energy Applications and Technology, and the R&D staff of the China National Petroleum Industry Oilfield Chemical Research Institute have long-term cooperation to jointly develop shale inhibitors and low molecular weight drill cuttings. Three new deepwater drilling fluid additives for the agent and high efficiency mud-proof lubricant.

Deep water drilling site and application effect photos
Drilling fluid, commonly known as mud, is a circulating flushing medium used in drilling. The performance of drilling fluid mainly depends on various high-performance functional additives. Domestic additives mainly rely on imports, which limits the development of deepwater exploration in China. In response to the national marine strategy, accelerate the exploration and development of deepwater oil and gas in the South China Sea, and break through the bottleneck of deepwater drilling fluid technology. Since 2010, Liu Zhihong has started cooperation research and development with the relevant research team of COSL.

It is understood that the three high-performance additives developed by them can effectively solve the technical difficulties such as low operating temperature, shale hydration and dispersion, narrow safety density window and serious gas hydrate in deepwater well drilling. The role of the shale inhibitor is to firmly adsorb between the shale crystal sheets, thereby inhibiting the hydration and dispersion of the mud shale, so that the mud maintains good rheological properties; the function of the drill cutting agent is to adsorb on the drill The surface of the chip prevents the hydration and dispersion of the cuttings, so that the cuttings can maintain a good initial shape and be carried to the ground; the role of the mud-proof lubricant is to form a stable protective film on the surface of the drill bit and the drill to prevent the drill bit. Drilling mud pack, effectively reducing friction and torque, and improving drilling timeliness.

The scientific researcher told the reporter that the drilling fluid prepared with these three treatment agents as the main agent and other functional materials has the characteristics of stable low temperature rheological properties, strong inhibition, good lubricity, etc., and its performance reaches the anti-expansion rate ≥ 90 respectively. %, the shale rolling recovery rate is ≥90%, the drilling fluid lubricity is ≥80%, the performance has reached the standard of similar foreign products, and it has great cost advantage. It has been successfully applied to more than 20 wells in Liuhai Oilfield of South China Sea. There are no accidents caused by drilling fluids. This technology has broken the monopoly position of similar foreign products and contributed to accelerating the exploration and development of resources in the South China Sea.

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