August 12, 2020

Detailed explanation of the main functions of the sensor switch

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Inductive switch is an automatic control product based on infrared technology, with high sensitivity and high reliability. It is widely used in all kinds of automatic induction electrical equipment. When the person lights up, the automatic delay off is the main function of the sensor switch.
The automatic sensor is lighted up and the person is away from the light. Instantaneous no-impedance voltage when the load is turned on, extending the service life of the load. Automatic metering, applying light-sensitive control, when the light is strong, it does not sense.
Inductive switches can be used for lighting power control in bathrooms, warehouses, corridors, corridors, basements, and garages. The infrared control technology automatically controls the non-contact electronic switch. When someone enters the switch sensing range, the special sensor detects the change of the infrared spectrum of the human body, and the switch automatically turns on the load. After the switch is turned on, the person does not leave the sensing range and is active, and the load can continue to work. People are away from the light, friendly and convenient, safe and energy-saving.
The installation work only needs to use the existing switches and modules instead of the original ordinary switches, and will not increase or extend any construction time. It is widely used in stair passages, basements, washrooms, fire exits, corridors, etc. of various buildings. . Infrared sensor switch can be used to control various lamps and electronic control equipment. For example, the buzzer can be used as an alarm for the output, and the lighting can be used for automatic lighting. The electric fan can be used for automatic air/ventilation. Wait.
Fully automatic induction: When a person enters its sensing range, it outputs a high level. When the person leaves the sensing range, the automatic delay turns off the high level and outputs a low level.
Photosensitive control: Sensitive control can be set to not sense during daytime or when the light is strong.
Repeatable triggering: After the sensing output is high, during the delay period, if the human body is active in its sensing range, its output will remain high until the person leaves, and the delay will turn high. Low level (the sensing module automatically delays a delay period after each activity of the human body, and the time of the last activity is the starting point of the delay time).
With induction blocking time: After each sensing output (high level becomes low level), the sensing module can be followed by a blocking time period during which the sensor does not accept any sensing signal. This function can realize the interval between "induction output time" and "blocking time", which can be applied to interval detection products; at the same time, this function can effectively suppress various interferences generated during load switching.

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