July 24, 2019

Gongyi Aluminum Industry relies on science and technology to create a new door in the first quarter.

After a summary Earlier this year, Alpha Aluminum Gongyi listed companies rely on scientific and technological innovation, the progressive development of relatively high-end "double zero foil," which food foil, electronic foil, pharmaceutical foil accounted for 50% of national output; investment of 450 million yuan Province The key project "Henan Gongyi Weijia Automobile Professional Trading Center"...
At the beginning of this year, Mingyi Aluminum, a listed company of Gongyi, relied on technological innovation to gradually develop relatively high-end “double zero foil”. Among them, food foil, electronic foil and pharmaceutical foil accounted for 50% of the national output; the provincial key of 450 million yuan was invested. The project “Henan Gongyi Weijia Automobile Professional Trading Center” officially started construction in the station town of Gongyi City, which is also the first automobile city project in the county-level city of the province.

In the first quarter of this year, Gongyi City adhered to the development direction of “high-end, terminal, high-efficiency” traditional industries, highlighting industrial transformation and upgrading projects, and completed investment of 7.2 billion yuan in industrial projects. 29 major industrial construction projects have been started, realizing industrial The first quarter of the project construction started to open.

Completed industrial project investment of 7.2 billion yuan in the first quarter

Yesterday, the Gongyi Municipal Government held a press conference in Zhengzhou. The data released showed that in the first quarter of this year, Gongyi City completed an investment of 7.2 billion yuan in industrial projects, accounting for 26.2% of the annual target of 27.5 billion yuan, exceeding the time and task synchronization requirements, the municipal party committee The government has identified 61 major industrial construction projects, 29 projects have been started, and 2.24 billion yuan has been invested; 4 provincial key industrial projects have started, and 130% of the three projects started in Zhengzhou have been completed.

In the 61 major industrial construction projects determined by Gongyi City with an investment of over 100 million yuan in 2013, there are 50 major industrial leading projects in the three major industrial leading industries of aluminum and aluminum deep processing, high-end refractory materials and advanced equipment manufacturing. 80% of the total number of projects will speed up the upgrading of the city's industrial transformation and upgrading.

“Because of the geographical factors such as the scattered industrial clusters, we have not completely followed the requirements of the “scheduled work” proposed by the provincial party committee, but the enterprises that meet the conditions for starting construction can start construction. Such small modifications also provide us with very Great help.” Wang Yantao, member of the party group of Gongyi Municipal Government and assistant to the mayor, introduced the reporter.

Industrial transformation sings "the main event"

Transformation and upgrading need to be driven by “leading”, and Gongyi promotes high-end development with high-end projects.

This year, Yulian Group, a national top 500 enterprise, imported high-end technical equipment worth US$140 million. The high-precision aluminum hot rolling project successfully rolled out the first volume; the listed company Mingtai Aluminum relied on technological innovation to gradually develop relatively high-end “ Double zero foil, in which food foil, electronic foil and pharmaceutical foil account for 50% of the national production. At present, it has invested 500 million yuan with China Automotive Research Institute to establish a car lightweight research and testing center to produce high-end aluminum sheet for automotive use.

It is worth mentioning that relying on the integration of high technology and industry, Gongyi will lengthen the industrial chain through external grafting and superiority polymerization to achieve high-end and terminal integration. Baohong Industrial invested 530 million yuan in LED lighting and LED lighting industrialization project, integrating research and development, production, design and engineering. 70% of the components are aluminum materials. The contract energy management mode is adopted, and the company signs energy-saving service contracts with customers. From the benefits obtained after the customer's energy-saving transformation, the investment is recovered, the profit is realized, and the extension from product to service is realized.

Emphasis on terminalization, ideas to find the market

As the economic pillar of Gongyi's tradition, the aluminum industry has been declining in value added in recent years. In exploring the road of transformation and upgrading of the “two highs and ones” industry, Gongyi always promotes the transformation and upgrading of SME projects to terminal development with the goal of winning the market.

In the past, Chinalco Group mainly produced ordinary aluminum sheet materials, which was difficult to operate. It introduced Zhejiang downstream producers through “zero land price”, re-processing ordinary aluminum sheets, and producing anodized aluminum sheets for construction, realizing the turnaround of enterprises; investing 1.8 billion Yuanzhong's Zhonghong Aluminum Deep Processing Industrial Park project, 800,000 square meters of standard factory buildings have started construction, and more than 200 small and medium-sized aluminum terminal enterprises will be introduced from the southeast coast.

“Zhonghong Industrial Park is the most prominent representative of our terminalization. In recent years, the economic benefits of the aluminum industry have been declining, and Zhonghong Industrial Park directly uses aluminum sheets in the raw material production areas, and then introduces the southern small aluminum processing terminal enterprises to settle in Gongyi. Providing them with factories and making profits from them. This way, not only do our aluminum have a place to go, but also the enterprises they introduce are also paying taxes in Gongyi, thus achieving a win-win situation.” Zhao Jingbo, the mayor of Guo Town, told reporters.


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