November 28, 2020

Guangzhou Occupational Health Forum held in Shiling Town

To vigorously publicize and implement the series of decision-making and key instructional spirits of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on strengthening work safety and the requirements for enterprises to implement the main responsibility for the prevention and control of occupational diseases, we must strongly guide enterprises to firmly establish the concept of safe development, and strengthen development at the expense of safety. The awareness of the red line promotes employers to implement the main responsibility for the prevention and control of occupational diseases, and promote the sustainable and stable development of the safety production and occupational disease prevention in Guangzhou. On the afternoon of June 14, the Guangzhou Occupational Health Forum for the footwear industry was held in the Shiling Town Synthetic Theatre. The event is under the guidance of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Safety and Production Supervision. The Guangzhou Occupational Safety and Health Association, Guangzhou Occupational Disease Prevention and Treatment Center, Guangzhou Occupational Safety and Health Technology Co., Ltd., Huadu District Safety Supervision Bureau, Shiling Town People’s Government and other units Jointly organized. On the same day, about 700 people, including city, district and town leaders, corporate representatives, and members of the Guangzhou Occupational Safety and Health Association attended the event.


â–²Event site

It is reported that the theme of this event is to fully implement the employer's main responsibility for occupational disease prevention and control, through the opening ceremony, the keynote speech, and thematic discussions and other diversified forums, in-depth about the significance of the activities, the main occupational hazards of the footwear industry, and the original Management and control of auxiliary materials, types of personal protective equipment, occupational hazard warning labels, occupational health management measures for shoe-making footwear enterprises, analysis of occupational disease cases, clinical manifestations and preventive measures of occupational diseases in shoe and footwear industry, occupational disease prevention facilities and emergency rescue Whether the design of facilities and workshops is standardized and whether the overall layout and ventilation of buildings are reasonable, and the supervisory department of safety supervision has conducted detailed interpretation and discussion on the supervision work of the footwear and footwear industry. In addition, an interactive communication session was also set up in the forum to “fully implement corporate responsibility for production safety,” and to intensify the implementation of the new “safety production law” and “occupational disease prevention and control law” to further popularize the knowledge of safe production and occupational disease prevention. Good social atmosphere.


â–² Wang Jing, Director of Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, gave a speech


â–² Huang Junjie, Deputy Director of the District Safety Supervision Bureau gave a speech

In the forum activity on that day, Wang Jing, Director of the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, and Huang Junjie, Deputy Director of the District Safety Supervision Bureau delivered keynote speeches. Director Wang Jing gave a brilliant speech on the occupational disease prevention and control situation in Guangzhou, the problems they faced, and the postgraduate entrance examination and work ideas. He pointed out that without universal health, there is no overall well-to-do society, and improving the health of workers is a long and arduous task. All unit departments must overcome difficulties, further popularize occupational disease prevention and control knowledge, create a good social atmosphere, and promote the sustained and stable improvement of occupational disease prevention and control. Huang Junjie deputy director combined with specific cases to fully explain the harm of occupational disease to personal life, family and even society. He pointed out that: Shiling Town, as a gathering place for leather goods manufacturing enterprises, has a large population mobility, many phenomenon of passing on occupational diseases, and employees’ awareness of self-protection is relatively weak. As a result, occupational disease prevention and control work is more arduous, and relevant organizations must increase publicity and guide enterprises. We will firmly establish the concept of safe development and earnestly do a good job in the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases.


â–² Demonstrate the correct way to wear protective protective equipment


â–² Live demonstration CPR first aid measures

Afterwards, experts from the Guangzhou Municipal Institute of Occupational Disease Prevention explained the relevant first aid knowledge in detail and demonstrated to participants the various first aid measures for CPR. In addition, the staff of Guangzhou Occupational Safety and Security Technology Co., Ltd. demonstrated the correct use of labor protection products. The site also broadcast the occupational health series publicity film “Red Line of Life” organized and organized by the Municipal Safety Production Supervision Bureau.


â–²Invited leaders, distinguished guests and experts and scholars gather to discuss and discuss

In the end, special guests, leaders and relevant experts and scholars of the event gathered in a comprehensive and in-depth discussion on various aspects of occupational health in the footwear and footwear industry.


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