June 16, 2021

How are the wooden doors in Europe?

Happy home, European door. In recent years, Europian has won the favor of the majority of Chinese consumers with its “fashionable style, excellent quality, leading technology, strict environmental protection, and excellent service”. Due to the “most wooden door styles and the most complete wooden door types”, the European wooden doors were praised by the majority of owners as “the Chinese wooden door encyclopedia”. Do consumers know about Europa? How is the European wooden door ? How about the European wood door? let's figure it out together.

First, European wood door brand

With a goal of “creating world-class door-making enterprises and striving for the first brand of wooden doors in China”, Europa has served the majority of consumers across the country with a sound marketing network and service system from the day the European School was founded. The company's in-depth management and stringent quality requirements have enabled them to establish strategic partnerships with Chinese real estate companies such as Evergrande Real Estate and Vanke Real Estate on an equal footing.

Wind and rain, European sent in the past few years, especially with the shadow of Jiang Wenli hand in hand for consumers to share the concept of "happy home European door." The family is happy because of its responsibilities, and it is successful because of the sharing. In this corporate culture, the European School has been able to lay a world in the complicated Chinese wooden door market. “The vice chairperson unit of the Chinese Wooden Door Association” and “China's Top 30 Wooden Door Enterprises” and “China Behind the reputation of the leader in the wooden doors is the difficult journey of the Europeans. "Now, the European school has changed from an individual small factory into a hundred million yuan of products sold at home and abroad, "European wooden door" brand, "OUPAI" Europe sent the trademark has long been all over the river.

Second, how can Europe send wooden door

For the quality of the door industry, consumers are very concerned about. Europao guarantees consumers a safe consumer environment. They think this is the responsibility of every company. And environmental protection is also a very important aspect of a business. Therefore, in the pursuit of strict quality, Europa also pays attention to the environmental protection issues of the wooden door industry. In the year 2012, Europian Wooden Door made a comprehensive upgrade of its product materials, and the entire wooden door has reached the national E1 standard. This is enough for consumers to use peace of mind and rest assured.

How about the Optimum Door? The related introduction of the Optimum Door is simple to end here. In the future, we will continue to publish other information about the Europa brand. We must continue to pay attention!

European wooden door

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