March 04, 2021

How to decorate three rooms and one hall

After the new house is handed over, it is facing the problem of decoration. For the decoration layman, the decoration of the new house is a complex and cumbersome large project. At present, many people choose the three-bedroom one-room room type, which is also one of the most popular room types. So how to decorate three rooms and one hall ? What are the precautions for the three-bedroom and one-hall decoration? Let's take a look with the editor.

One, three rooms and one hall how to decorate

1. Reasonable layout: The design of the three-bedroom and one-hall room type must be reasonable, then the style of the house must be determined at the beginning of the decoration. The decoration style can be designed according to the number or preferences of family members. In addition, we can disassemble or move the non-load-bearing walls, so that a more ideal effect can be installed.

2. Dynamic and static zoning: Special attention should be paid to the dynamic and static zoning of the house decoration. Only when the zoning is completed can the occupants live more comfortably. Active areas such as kitchens, living rooms, etc., and quiet areas are bedrooms, study rooms, etc. Secondly, when renovating, try to ensure that the quiet areas are not disturbed.

3. Characteristics of family members: The three-bedroom and one-hall house can be said to be enough for three generations to live together, so the age characteristics of family members must be fully considered in the layout design. For example, for families with elderly and children, it is best to provide anti-skid facilities on the ground, and furniture and equipment should be smooth. In addition, the guest room area can be designed, which is convenient for guests to rest.

Two, three rooms and one hall decoration matters needing attention

1. No matter how the three rooms and one hall are decorated, pay special attention to the decoration. For example, the decoration style should be as simple as possible, and it should be integrated with the concept of human nature. In terms of materials, try to choose environmentally friendly decoration materials. At the same time, you can also choose some beautiful-looking decorations, etc., to make the living room more beautiful.

2. If the three-bedroom, one-room room type has two toilets, you can choose to install a bathtub in the bathroom of the master bedroom, which is usually a good choice for bathing yourself or bathing children. In addition, the materials used for bathroom floor decoration, it is best to choose non-slip materials, which can effectively prevent users from falling, slipping, etc.

3. To carry out pressure test on the drainage pipe, we shall supervise besides when the construction personnel carry out the test. In addition, if the door is made of plastic steel, the size of the door frame protruding from the wall must be calculated first, so that the door is flush with the wall after installation, which is not only beautiful but also easy to clean.

Editor's summary: The three- room and one-room decoration editor has been introduced here, hoping to help friends who are preparing for decoration. In addition, the newly renovated houses will have some odor due to the decoration materials, so they must be ventilated for at least half a year before they can move in, which is beneficial to the health of the residents.

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