July 24, 2019

How to identify new and old wood

Speaking of new material of lobular rosewood, many friends may not understand, what is the new material of lobular rosewood? By literally understanding, many friends think that the old and new materials are only a matter of time, in fact, this understanding is not comprehensive and inaccurate.

We all know that after the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the lobular rosewood is almost extinct, and most of the rosewood furniture that has been used has entered the auction collection market. In order to meet the market demand, many people began artificial breeding of lobular rosewood. Artificially cultivated lobular rosewood, usually growing on fertile flat land, has a relatively short time to produce. The lobular rosewood old material refers to the wild rosewood that grows naturally in the wild, usually in mountains or wetlands, and has a relatively long time.

Although the new material and the old material have the properties of lobular rosewood, there will be patterns, brown eyes and brown lines, and even there may be Venus or gold wire, and all belong to the category of redwood. However, the new material of lobular rosewood is relatively easy to produce, and the growth cycle is relatively short, so it is not as good as the old one in terms of the quality and value of the wood. So, how do we identify when purchasing lobular rosewood?

First, fluorescence. The fluorescence of the lobular rosewood old material is obvious, the color is transparent, and the reflection is better; while the new material has less fluorescence and the reflection is not very good.

Second, the annual ring. The annual rings of the lobular rosewood old material barely see the circular circle, while the annual rings of the new lobular rosewood are very regular.

Third, the shape. We often say "Ten Tan Nine", while the new material of lobular rosewood is relatively superior in growth environment and relatively short in growth cycle. Therefore, most of the new materials are large, straight and solid, and the diameter can reach 30cm or more. It is easier to make furniture. Most of the lobular rosewood old materials are thin, curved, hollow, and the diameter can rarely exceed 25cm. It is not easy to make large items.

Fourth, the pattern. The pattern of the new material of the lobular rosewood is generally regular, with straight lines of equal thickness, or a regular ring pattern. The old material pattern is often drawn on the dark red background with irregular lines of irregular thickness. Some patterns will have small curls, but they are not circles, and the patterns are enchanting and intriguing.

Five, brown line. The lobular rosewood new material brown line is relatively straight, and deeper, the brown line is regular, and some even feel like tiny cracks. The lobular rosewood old material brown line is relatively light, with obvious cow hair and crab claw lines, like the numerous small irregular marks left by the meteor shower across the sky.  

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