August 13, 2020

How to open the virtual keyboard of the mobile phone

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About the introduction of three aspects of the virtual keyboard of the mobile phone, first, what is the virtual keyboard of the mobile phone; Second, how to open the virtual keyboard of the mobile phone; Third, the development prospect of the virtual keyboard of the mobile phone.
First, what is the virtual keyboard of the mobile phone
The virtual keyboard of the mobile phone refers to a virtual virtual keyboard of the screen for the full touch mobile phone, and can directly use the virtual keyboard on the touch screen as a substantial keyboard. The mobile virtual keyboard is a standard keyboard with CCITT, which combines multiple function keys to form an actual keyboard and key value table, and generates a virtual keyboard to improve data typing.
The mobile virtual keyboard includes at least the following steps: displaying a corresponding virtual key according to a preset keyboard state value; determining whether an actual key is pressed, and if the pressed key is one of CCITT standard keys, querying the key value table to obtain a key Value; then use the preset keyboard state value and key value to query the key value table to obtain the virtual key value; if the virtual key value is the virtual keyboard switching key, the keyboard state value is changed according to the key value of the virtual keyboard switching key and the keyboard display is called. The module displays the corresponding virtual keyboard and removes the key value; otherwise, the keyboard display module is called to display the virtual key value.
Second, how to open the virtual keyboard of the mobile phone
Google's open Android has ushered in a big development for the mobile smart operating system, but it also brings a problem that has long plagued Google: fragmentation. Since each mobile phone manufacturer has a large free customization right to the Android system, many third-party ROM operating habits and interactions begin to learn from the benchmark iOS, which also appears in the ROM market. However, from the upgrade of the subsequent version of Android, Google has also tightened some of the permissions to a certain extent, and the virtual button is also an attempt and change.
Android phones with virtual buttons will have a double chin on the screen, which affects the visual beauty, and the virtual buttons do not have the physical feel of physical buttons in the interaction. However, in the subsequent Android version, Google also began to optimize the aesthetics of virtual buttons, such as making the background transparent, and in order to maintain the uniformity of the UI, Google opened the API interface of the virtual button to the developer, allowing developers to use different applications. The virtual button can be freely called, for example, the virtual button can be hidden during the video playback to achieve a better visual effect.
It must be said that the current Android phone with virtual buttons is in the overall shape effect, and the mobile phone with virtual buttons can achieve a higher screen ratio, which makes the overall appearance of the machine look more coordinated. A mobile phone with physical buttons or physical buttons needs to leave a space under the fuselage during the design of the fuselage structure. This is a waste of space in the mobile phone. At the same time, the light leakage of the mobile phone using physical buttons in the past The phenomenon can be easily solved.
Said the advantages of so many virtual buttons, in fact, the shortcomings are also very obvious, the first is to occupy a portion of the screen area, resulting in a smaller screen display area, some applications will also produce compression deformation. Of course, the virtual button area can be hidden, but the next time you want to use it, there will be one more operation on the call, which is slightly inconvenient compared to the physical button.
Third, the development prospect of mobile virtual keyboard
1, visual transparency
The size of the virtual keyboard directly affects the quality of the visual effects. Some full-touch mobile phones with virtual keyboards, if the virtual keyboard is turned on, if the area is too large, it will overwrite the underlying background interface, which will affect the visibility of the screen; if the keyboard area is too small, the key will be too narrow. Intensive, inconvenient to enter information. If the virtual keyboard can be transparent, it can solve the problem that the virtual keyboard is too large and affects the vision.
2, the layout is full screen
A virtual keyboard is a product that combines display and input. The keyboard must be displayed before the information can be input. Handheld devices such as mobile phones are limited by the small screen, which makes the virtual keyboard key-intensive and narrow-key, which ultimately leads to difficulty in key finding and low keystroke accuracy. It is impossible for users to realize blind typing. In order to completely change the above problems on the limited screen area of ​​the handheld device, the best choice is to increase the keyboard area, and realize the full screen of the virtual keyboard layout on the basis of the transparent keyboard.
3, operation three-dimensional
Stereoscopic operation is to move part of the touch screen operation of the virtual keyboard to the input platform outside the screen, which breaks through the trouble caused by the single screen operation platform. In this way, the touch screen is only responsible for the keystroke input, and the external input platform is responsible for the switching operation, and the custom switching of the touch screen virtual keyboard interface and the on-demand replacement can be completed, and the switching operation and the keystroke input are completed synchronously.

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