September 29, 2020

Integrated ceiling purchase tips

Integrated ceiling purchase tips

Introduction: Integrated ceilings are favored by more and more owners in recent years due to their rich patterns, independent functional components, and convenience of assembly and disassembly. There are also many owners who use integrated ceilings in kitchens and bathroom ceilings.

The beautiful ceiling is an indispensable part of the overall home improvement. The high quality ceiling can not only beautify the living room, but also protect the ceiling, easy to clean and hide the pipeline. It is very necessary to select good ceiling materials. It is very necessary to use them together. Now, let's take a look at the selected tips.

1. Avoid being fooled, do not listen to shopping guide to increase the thickness of the price, the current integrated ceiling buckle plate thickness as long as the 0.6mm standard, you can meet the kitchen, bathroom use, not the thicker the quality of the plate the better.

2. Carefully select the aluminum pinch plate and observe whether the exposed aluminium material of the aluminum pinch plate is fine and dense, such as whether it is ash, dark and impurities. Fingers strike the aluminum gusset plate, and the material of the aluminum gusset plate with better material is relatively clear and crisp, and the material is relatively poor in boring, and the metal sound is not obvious.

3. Comparing the quality of auxiliary materials, many people only pay attention to the thickness and pattern of the gusset when purchasing, and seldom pay attention to the quality of auxiliary materials such as the keel and suspenders. The entire ceiling, including the Yuba, exhaust fans and other components are supported by the keel, so the auxiliary materials such as the keel can not affect the service life.

5. Select more well-known brand products, not only to install over-professional, but also the post-sale problem can also be guaranteed.

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