July 24, 2019

Introduction to quartz glass

The mechanical properties of quartz glass are better than those of hard glass and ceramics, but the brittleness is poor. The theoretical calculation strength of quartz glass is very high, about 24×103 MPa, but the actual measured strength is several times lower than this value. The main factors affecting the strength are firstly the surface defects of the glass, especially the size and depth of the surface microcracks. The fine-grained quartz glass sample has a flexural strength of about 0.6 times higher than that of the coarsely ground sample. Intrinsic defects such as bubbles, impurities, uneven melting, and residual stress.

The strength of quartz glass increases with increasing temperature and reaches a maximum near the annealing temperature.

The shear modulus, Young's modulus, damping, Poisson's ratio and failure modulus of quartz glass generally increase with increasing temperature, and the hardness decreases with increasing temperature.

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