September 25, 2021

Optical Brightener Agent Nfw-R (450%)

  • Model NO.: NFW-R
  • Appearance: Granulars
  • Color: Yellow-Green
  • pH: Stable at 6-12
  • Kind: Optical Brightener
  • Application: Post-Processing Auxiliary
  • Ion: Anionic
  • Ingredients: Distyryl-Biphenyl Derivative


Distyryl-biphenyl derivative



Appearance:Yellow-greenish granule

Ion: Anionic

Stable at PH 6-12

strength: 100±1(correspond to the standard sample)



A very high whiteness when major dosage. The shade in fabric is slight reddish.

There is appropriate affinity with cotton or polyamide.

Stable for reductive or peroxide.



Suit for cotton , polyamide , silk, or their blend fabric.


[Method of use]

Exhaust application for cotton: 0.05-0.15%

Salt: 2-5g/l

Peroxide 35%:4-12g/l

Stable agent:2-4g/l

Alkali flake:0.5-2.5g/l

Ratio: 1:10-20

Temperature: dyeing at 90-100ºC about 30-40min


Exhaust application for polyamide and cotton blend fabric: 0.1-0.25%

Reductive : 2-5g/l


Sequestring agent:1-2g/l

Detergent :1g/l

PH about 7

Ratio: 1:10-20

Temperature: dyeing at 90-100ºC about 30-40min

Needed to neutralize with 0.5g/l of peroxide 35%, so that getting off  peculiar smell in fabric.



Applied one bath with other agent , should consider stability.


[Transport,storage and packing]

25 kgs/case, and package as customer request

The product is non-hazardous,chemical properties stability,be used in any mode of transport.

At room temperature,storage for half year.


[Important hint]

The above information and the conclusion obtained is based on our current

knowledge and experience, users should be according to the practical application of

different conditions and occasions to determine the optimal dosage and process.

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