August 13, 2020

Prevention and treatment of vegetable stem rot disease

At present, the autumn delay greenhouse vegetables have reached the critical period of planting. If the vegetable farmers are not paying attention to the planting process, after one month, the vegetables are likely to concentrate on dead seedlings and dead trees, resulting in serious stem rot, then how should Prevention? What issues should be paid attention to during the process of arranging vegetables? Professor Cheng Zhihui of the College of Horticulture of Northwest A&F University suggested that in the autumn delay planting of greenhouse vegetables, attention should be paid to the “three-character classics”, that is, “one increase, one decrease, one avoidance”.

“Zeng”: increase the amount of organic fertilizer

According to vegetable farmers, more and more fertilizers are being invested, and vegetable production is getting lower and lower, which is related to the unreasonable use of fertilizer by vegetable farmers. Before the vegetables are planted, the vegetable farmers should pay attention to increase the amount of organic fertilizer and apply organic fertilizer. Cheng Zhihui said that the deep application of organic fertilizer mainly increases the content of organic matter in the soil, promotes the formation of soil aggregate structure and increases the permeability of the soil. In addition, vegetable farmers should also pay attention to increase the amount of biological fertilizer. Biological bacterial fertilizer can increase the number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, inhibit the occurrence of soil-borne diseases, and at the same time promote rooting, which is conducive to the formation of strong vegetables and increase the yield in the later period.

Once the vegetables have stem rot, the vegetable farmers should also promptly add nutrients to the vegetables. "It is appropriate to spray foliar fertilizer ." Cheng Zhi said that spraying foliar fertilizer can improve the disease resistance of vegetables. Vegetables contain high calcium, the cell wall will be thick, and it is not easy to have wounds. The method of using pesticides and fertilizers before planting can not only prevent the occurrence of stem rot, but also help vegetables to supplement nutrition, which is very helpful for the growth of vegetables in the later stage.

“Reduce”: reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer

When planting the former crops in the greenhouse, the application of organic fertilizer is often more, and the amount of fertilizer in the later period is larger. In this case, when the vegetables in the greenhouse are delayed in autumn, the amount of chemical fertilizer should be reduced or chemical fertilizer should not be used. In high temperature weather, the chemical fertilizer has high solubility in the soil. In addition, the soil has high salt content. Excessive application of chemical fertilizer is not conducive to the growth of roots.

"Bogey": avoid the black mulch in the whole shed

Cheng Zhihui said that in the current situation, some seedling problems are often caused by improper coverage of vegetable farmers. The environmental conditions at the end of summer and early autumn are conducive to the growth of vegetables, which is also conducive to the growth of weeds. In order to prevent weeds between plants, many vegetable farmers often cover black mulch after planting. After covering the black mulch, the mulch blocks the evaporation of water and the surface humidity is high. This results in a high temperature under the mulch film. A large amount of water vapor volatilizes from the base of the stem, which easily burns the base of the stem of the vegetable and creates an opportunity for the infection of the pathogen. At present, if the black mulch film is to be laid, it should not be connected, keep a certain distance from the base of the stem of the plant, and press around the stalk to prevent hot air from being discharged therefrom. If the temperature in the shed is too high, it is not recommended that the vegetable mulch cover the mulch, and the mulch can be covered after the high temperature.

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