September 29, 2020

Shock! How much gas you breathe in every day!


Ten miles of fog and haze, fog, people crazy. Thousands of miles of fog, nowhere so sad. Even if they meet, they should not know, dust, such as dross. Driving back home from work, look at the window, it has become dirty. There is nothing but words and tears. When the basic friend is expected to meet, nothing is said, his eyes are bleak. In recent years, "Smog" has become a hot topic, and the Chinese name of "Pm2.5" has been ridiculed by the majority of netizens as serving the people! I often wake up one morning and pull the curtains to think that I am blind.


(Beijing Tiananmen under the fog)

The management of the haze is a heavy task that is long way to go, and it is impossible to let the lamp of Allah come out and read the incantations so that the hazy king can be evacuated from Wuli's beautiful country. The "fog and fog" of London, which is thousands of kilometers away from us, is doing a good job in managing fog.


(Mist - London)

The London of that year was a violet drop, a rainy rain, a sturdy air, an umbrella, and a loved one pressing on the street...thinking it was so romantic, but the serious pollution behind the smog was an overwhelming sight!


(London under the haze)

After a series of ironclad policies of the London government, London today has become a “green garden city” and has been ranked first in cities attracting the most tourists from all over the world.


(Now London is beautiful, people are fascinated, and haze governance is effective)

The beautiful and great motherland has also become a victim of haze.

In recent years wuli's beautiful country has also suffered the most serious environmental pollution. The time, the scope and the impact of wuli are shocking. In particular, cities such as Beijing have repeatedly issued red warnings. The topic of smog pollution in China has attracted the attention of the whole country and the world.


(Beauty-ridden "on the beach")

After the haze incident, masks became umbrella-like necessities of life, and even couples would have to wear masks. So what should you watch out for when choosing a mask?

1. To meet the national standard. This year, the country has newly released a new standard "GB/T32610-2016 daily protective mask technical specifications", popularly speaking, that the national standard has been used for flood prevention masks.

2. Filter material. Good or bad masks are the key.

All neglected small things in life are related to haze. China has a large population, one drop of water per person, one less car a day, less waste of a piece of paper, a variety of trees, and so on. It will bring great changes to air quality.

Do the following 4 things for a better tomorrow!

1. Green travel - travel a short distance, try to choose public transport or carpool, sometimes riding a bicycle can also play a fitness effect.

2. Green life - Household kitchens use clean energy and clean stoves. Household appliances use energy-saving and environmentally friendly products: such as low-energy refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners.

3. Green habits - shopping to bring their own plastic bags (green bags), drink less bottled water, save paper, less fireworks ...

4. Green Concept - See the pollution incident and call the Environmental Protection Agency on the phone: 12369

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