April 18, 2021

Thermal tape company low price, high grade

China Hardware Business Network ppi thermal tape company x337a52n, ppi thermal tape company always adhere to high quality, ppi anti-static tape always adhere to customer priority. ppi attaches great importance to the accumulation of core technology of medical tape company, the company ppi conductive tape already has its own intellectual property rights.

Detailed description: Conductive tape Conductive tape is a metal foil or conductive cloth with highly conductive adhesive. Conductive tape is a kind of metal foil or conductive cloth with highly conductive adhesive.The conductive adhesive and conductive substrate form a complete conductor, which can be bonded to any metal surface to complete electrical lap and gap. Electrically closed. Shielding conductive tape is economical and easy to use shielding material. It is used to seal the joints of EMI shielding room, housing and electronic equipment, to wrap the cable for shielding, provide a reliable grounding surface, provide electrical contact to the surface that cannot be welded, conductive cloth tape is suitable for computers, mobile phones, wires, cables and other Electronic and electrical products are mainly used for shielding or isolating electromagnetic waves or infinite radio waves during high-frequency transmission. Notes on the use and storage of conductive cloth tape 1. When the conductive cloth tape must be used in a low magnetic state in the natural environment, the tape needs to be returned. Warm to room temperature (approximately 20 ℃) ​​for more than three hours. 2. Conductive cloth tape products are packaged in wrapping paper or film collection and packed in appropriate cartons. 3. Conductive cloth tape should be placed in a cool place to avoid high temperatures or high temperatures. wet. The quality guarantee period is 6 months after production. The conductive cloth material is on polyester fiber, first electroplated with nickel metal, then nickel plated with a highly conductive copper layer, and then electroplated with an anti-oxidation machine on the copper layer. Corrosive nickel metal, copper and nickel combination provides excellent conductivity and good electromagnetic shielding effect, the shielding range is 100K-3GHz. Product name: adhesive tape; brand trademark: ppi; hot selling area: nationwide; price: 1;

ppi always adheres to the corporate tenet of "creating value for customers and growing together with employees"; advancing with the times, making progress together with the ppi conductive tape industry, working together, innovation and win-win. For more information about ppi conductive tape, ppi insulating tape company, please log on ppi-: view. China Hardware Business Network
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'The thermal tape company's low price, high grade

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