December 03, 2021

Today's News: Shaanxi Mi-Zhi Injury Case: Childishness? Want to take his life? !

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Shaanxi Mizhi Injury Case

Yesterday (April 27) 18:10, Shaanxi Mizhi County, known as the "Silver State, County of beauty," said the shocking occurrence downtown with a knife murder!

At this time, when the third middle school in Mizhi County was to leave school, the criminal suspect Zhao held a beggar in front of the school gate and openly attacked him! Nineteen students were injured on the spot . As of 23:27 May death toll rose to nine students (7 men and 2 women), and the remaining 10 injured are in full treatment.

The cruelty of its means is outrageous! Its madness is chilling! It ignores the law and despise life. It is not worthy of being called a person. It is just like a beast!

Xiao Bian wants to be face to face and ask: What is Wicked? Want to take his life? ! What can your heart endure? Brandishing a knife to ignore national law? !

Capture the scene, picture source Shaanxi City Express

Netizen: Qi shivering!

After the incident, the local people heard that the blood bank was in a hurry and went to the blood donation site overnight to donate blood for injured students!

At the same time, the People's Daily, China Business Daily and other media quickly followed suit and the case was quickly fermented on Weibo, Wechat, and today’s headlines! Netizens have commented:

How to judge? There are precedents!

March 23, 2010 Fujian Nanping Yanping District Experimental Primary School in front of the same vicious murder case that shocked the nation occurred, causing killing eight students died, the case shocked the nation! Then criminals Zheng Minsheng was quickly arrested, and on April 28, 2010, criminals Zheng Minsheng was executed by firing squad.

3 · 23 Nanping campus homicide arrest scene

After the incident, Lin Yifang, a senior psychiatrist at the national level, believed that Zheng Minsheng suffered from a serious mental illness and was suspected of "hyposopathic morbid personality." Even so, Zheng Minsheng still can not escape the law to punish!

"Killing the devil" has long been unreliable! Zhao will be far behind?


Life is not satisfactory any more. Society is not fair again. It is not Zheng Minsheng's or Zhao's current who can arbitrarily kill unarmed students! Feel free to step on the dignity of the country!

It is not enough to be angry with the civilians!

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