March 04, 2021

What is the entrance, what are the decoration techniques of the entrance?

During the renovation, many friends didn't know what the entrance was. Other friends would think that the entrance is the place we will see first, so we must be careful when we decorate. Are these correct? Next, the decoration house Xiaobian, for everyone to introduce, what is the porch , and what are the porch decoration skills, I hope to be helpful to friends.


First, what is the porch?

1. The porch is a unique decoration of China. It is a unique term for Taoism in China. It originated from the Tao Te Ching: the mysterious and mysterious, the secret door. Refers to a breakthrough in Taoist internal refining. The Taoist internal refining first breaks into formality, and later used in the interior building name, meaning that it is only through this aisle to enter the main room. The porch is from this aspect. According to the current consciousness, it is the outer door of the hall, which is an area of ​​the entrance to the room.

2. Another layer means that there is a transitional space between the indoor and outdoor of the house, that is, the buffer space that enters indoors to change shoes, change clothes, or go indoors from outside. Some people call it a fighting room, a hall, and a hall. Although the area of ​​the entrance in the house is not large, the frequency of use is relatively high, and it is also a must for entering and leaving the house.

Second, what are the porch decoration skills?

1. When decorating the entrance, the lighting is very important for us, because most of the entrance areas will not have windows, so the light will be darker. Therefore, we need to use light to increase the light, and create a bright, warm atmosphere. For example, use a large chandelier or ceiling lamp as the main light, with spotlights, wall lights, etc. as an aid, or use some small ground lights that are shot upwards, so that the effect will be better.


2, wall decoration for us, we must pay attention to some, there are many porch is relying on the wall, so the color of the wall should use the first area that can touch the visual, so with some colorful colors, you can shape A warm atmosphere. If you want to feel warm, it is especially suitable for the neutral warm color, so that people can quickly feel the warmth of the home from the exhausted external environment, feel the tolerance of home.

3, most of the furniture is responsible for coordination and matching, so when selecting furniture or decorative items, it is also important to consider the space for us, and does not affect the situation of the owner's access, the maximum level of low cabinets, shoes Cabinets, etc., also expand the storage space of the home.

What is the porch, what are the porch decoration techniques? After reading the above article, have you learned about it? If you can help everyone, then Xiaobian will be very happy, if you want to know, For more home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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