November 28, 2020

What is the price of fingerprint locks?

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, fingerprint locks are popular with people because of their safety, intelligence, convenience, and other characteristics. They have been widely used in homes, villas, and apartments, and consumers are trusted to purchase fingerprint locks. The most important thing is that, how much money fingerprint lock? In order to solve everyone's doubt about the price of fingerprint locks, Xiao Bian summed up the factors affecting the price of fingerprint locks.


The prices of fingerprint locks on the market today range from more than 1,000 to 890, depending on which one you choose, but the price of a fingerprint lock is between 2000 and 4000 under normal conditions.

How much of a fingerprint lock is important depends on fingerprint lock materials, workmanship, and appearance resolution. There is also a more important one is the fingerprint identification module, this is the core of the fingerprint lock. Under normal circumstances, the brand fingerprint lock adopts a very professional fingerprint module.

A fingerprint lock has at least the function of opening a door with a fingerprint and opening a mechanical key. The opening of a mechanical key is a national legal rule. If you add a password, remote control, proximity card and the like to open the door, the price will naturally be higher. At present, the three most commonly used methods in the market are fingerprint, password, and mechanical opening methods.

How much fingerprint locks are also related to its brand. Nowadays, Haolishi, a relatively well-made domestic brand, has a very good technical accumulation, and therefore the technology in all aspects is very mature.

How much money on the fingerprint lock is shared here today, fingerprint locks can be used throughout our lives, because fingerprint locks are safer than other mechanical locks, combination locks, and sensor locks, and cannot be copied or stored. , can be unlocked in public, high portability, never lost, strong anti-theft.

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